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How to keep consistent in your 2018 resolutions?

Where do we even begin?

Happy 2018!

We’re already halfway into January and we certainly hope you’re still holding on to the good vibes of a fresh new start. Especially with the new school year or new semester you’re about to undertake.

Is one of your 2018 aspirations to do better in school? If yes, we’re so proud of you already :’)

You know what they say about “resolutions” though, right? There’s no way to be consistent with them.

But we say pish posh. It’s totally not impossible.

The key to consistency is to always know your “why”.

“Doing better in school” can entail a lot of things. Trying new experiences, taking up leadership roles, improving your grades, improving your relationships with peers and mentors, learning things outside of your syllabus for a deeper and wider understanding of your field, etc. Once you zero in on what exactly you want to “do better” at, focusing on achieving that aspiration becomes less daunting.

Because when you narrow it down (to maybe two or three at most), there must be a reason why you chose those particular aspects of school to focus on. Why do you want to lead more than to follow? Why is networking most important to you? All your actions will gravitate to fulfilling that need.

When that happens, once you know your “why”, hold on to that for dear life. Trust us, that’s what will keep you going.

We wish you all the best for this fresh start at school 🙂 We hope it will be enriching for you.

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