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4 ways to get cheap textbooks

Student Hacks for the Deal Hunters

Let’s face it, not all of us student can live a ‘let’s lepak at Starbucks for lunch lifestyle’ on a whim. Being cash strapped more often than not, students are amongst the most professional bargain hunters out there. We definitely remember those days.

Regardless, there are school essentials that needs to be purchased. While institutions are slowly converting to e-learning, some still adhere to the physical textbooks as a critical source of reference.

For the tech savvy, you might just be able to land yourself a PDF version of the textbook you need.

For those who still prefer the hard copy for your highlighting and post-it notes, here are some platforms you might find handy to source for second hand textbooks to help you save some bucks.

P.S. Click on the site names to be redirected to the sites mentioned. 

  1. Zookal

A pretty neat platform, in our opinion. Not only can you buy them, they have a section for you to retrieve free resources from top students in your course. Simply type your course code and a plethora of resources will appear, from videos to pdf versions of written or typed out notes. Really glad we chance upon this beauty of a resource site!

Think of it as good-meaning seniors sharing their gem notes/handouts for you to benefit from…for free!

2. Carousell

Carousell is a haven for second hand items so have a go at searching for your required text while being able to haggle for a lower price while you’re at it. Be sure to be civil during your bargaining or you’ll end up being featured on the Wall of Fame on #carouhell.

Or if you’re truly a thrift of a different level, you can deploy the same strategy as this student who asked Carousell seller to screenshot the pages he needed.

3. BookInBookOut

Key in the textbook’s IBSN or title and a whole list of on-sale stock will be laid out for you. This was our go-to platform to get our hands on our much needed textbooks. During our university times, Carousell could still have been an imagination in the minds of her creator.

Additionally, its’ no-frills interface is a strong point. Automatically, you will be able to know which faculty/institution the seller is from. This will help you in filtering out which buyer to purchase from for convenience sake. With this, you can easily schedule a face-to-face meet up in between classes to make the transaction.

Disclaimer: At the time of publish, the main website had some html errors regardless of the type of web server we served on. Only the mobile version of the web was functioning well. 

4. Gumtree

While the interface is not as fancy/minimalistic as we would like it to be, it still serves it function. The textbooks that are on sale are also mainly for primary to A-level. Try your luck searching for your university textbooks. You might just get the there as well!

5. Something Extra

Lastly, we would like to share an extra resource to you. While the above are all online platforms to get the textbooks you one, below are some finds we came across of physical shops that provide the same services as well.

Bras Basah Complex

This could be a convenient go-to for students from LaSalle, NAFA & SMU with the complex being a walk away from their school campus.

Bras Basah complex houses quite a number of first/second hand bookstores. While being able to get your hands on the latest edition might not be a guarantee, you can try your luck and find a good & cheap enough substitute.

Some stores also take in second hand books. If you are on a spring cleaning spree, consider enquiring with them if they would like to buy your books from you. Give your books a second lease of life instead of chucking it down the trash bin.

Two of the stores that came to our attention are:

A. Basheer Graphic Books

Blk 231, Bain Street #04-19, Bras Basah Complex, Singapore 180231
T: 6336 1917 / 6338 1916
W: https://www.basheergraphic.com
E: enquiry@basheergraphic.com

B. EverNew Bookstore
BLK 231, Bain Street, #01-07, Bras Basah Complex, Singapore 180231
T: +65 63381753
W: http://evernewbookstore.com
E: sales.evernew@gmail.com

Article Disclaimer: This is not a paid advertorial. The platforms being mentioned here are based on the author’s own research and personal usage experience with the intention to aid the struggling student. We were once in your shoes and we know the bane of textbooks. Here’s just a lil something to help you along your way. Cheers!

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